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An inspiring weekend course in changing your own vibration.You are welcome to attend a guided course weekend with us in our home Portaluxia in Dalsbruk!

The weekend course covers what it means to be human in this time and why the work with yourself is the most important key to change. The principal aim is the responsibility for your own vibration, the cleansing and raising of your vibration so that the contact with your Higher Self would be possible.

We also discuss Mother Earth and her development, about different vibrational levels and their variations, as well as the origin of different consciousnesses. All participants receive personal guidance with consideration to the origin of their consciousness. Furthermore, development of your own receptiveness will be taught. Common meditation and healing is offered every day.
If the weather allows, we will also make an excursion to a lovely oak forest where we can enjoy all of the elements of nature and the energies of holy portals. The old oak trees, the ocean and the tall mountains around us nurture and heal us.

It is also possible to buy the book with instructions for the cleansing work Largimi y raj I, II and cleansing cards. The book is called The Divine truth about the Light. With the help of the book and cards, you can continue the important work in your everyday life after the course.


Raising your own vibration.
The second course is a continuation course in getting to know yourself. Areas explored are, how you get to know the vibrations of your own soul and how you learn to change them in order for them to rise.

During the weekend we go through the human energy field, chakras and which energy bodies correspond to them and which themes, emotions and programmings the different chakras entail.

During the course, we immerse ourselves in our different chakras and functions that belong to them, as well as exercises and meditations.

The aim for this course is for people to connect with their Higher Self through their own responsible work and to get all the information and guidance through that.
At the same time it could make way for changes in the collective human consciousness that we have waited for so long.


This course provides a solid base for understanding our own planet, the solar system and galaxies, parallel worlds, cyclicity and all the changes related to this. These are best worked out together.
Mother Earth is a part of a big picture and system, where all the parts affect each other.
The entire solar system is in a stage of change, which humankind is able to affect.
At the course we discuss how everything works, what does cyclicity mean, how we are affiliated with each other as well as why we live in this stage of change.


Contact with your own Highest and the helpers of the Light.
The course teaches how we can safely learn to connect with the Light world.
Our Highest Self is that “link”, through which you learn to ask for help, advice and guidance in your own life.
During the course day we also discuss the cleansing of the vibration as well as the influence of previous lives. The course day includes lectures, exercises related to connecting with previous lives and your own Highest as well as meditations.